The Historical Novel Society Board is pleased to announce that Denver
will host our 2015 North American Conference!

Keep an eye on this page for more information as it becomes available.

For now the basics:

Dates: June 26-28, 2015
Location: Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center

27 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT

  1. I am definitely attending this great gathering! Dan: as a local author and “editor’s choice” for 2013, I would hope that I could secure space for book sales, signing, and participation in panels. Best regards – BC

    • The participation in the signing will be a given. There will be a book store at the conference for book sales. Info on how that will work should be available this fall or winter at the latest. For panel participation: I will pass your name to the programming director.

  2. I would like to know what volunteer positions are still needed for the 2015 Conference, if any. I would be happy to help. Thank you.

  3. Hi – I am seriously considering coming from the UK (in my capacity as author & as Managing Editor of Indie Reviews – if I do, who do I contact to offer being one of your speakers/doing a workshop – and possibly helping out in some capacity?

    • HI Helen! I’m the Venue Director for the Denver Conference.

      Sorry it has taken so long to answer you. We’ve still been in the “getting our poop in a group” stage, but things are coming together nicely.

      Meenoo Mishra is our Programming Director. I will let her know of your interest.

  4. Good. I’ve only been to the Denver airport so am glad I’ll be able to see Denver proper plus, it is a short flight from Seattle.

    • Hi Victoria! I’m the Venue Director for the Denver Conference. I’m planning several fun historically related events, especially for those who would like to come a day or so early or maybe stay a day or after the conference.

      • Great to hear some venue adventures are being planned! As a very experienced speaker who’s done tons of book related research on Denver, I’d like to offer my services as a speaker on our host city — something early in the Conference so attendees (even those not doing pre or post tours) will have a feel for this great city and its wonderful stories. This summer I am guest speaker at the Wild West History Association meeting in Denver, presenting a Powerpoint talk entitled “Doc Holliday’s Denver: The Queen City in the Centennial State.” I could easily adapt that talk to the HNS, including some of the history of the city and spotlighting the great historical characters. Might give some of our members ideas for future writing! I will be on book tour next summer with the third novel in my trilogy, “Southern Son: The Saga of Doc Holliday” and will be doing some other appearances and signings while in Denver for the HNS Conference, so I’d have to know early on if you’d like my services as a speaker. Hope so! Best, Victoria

  5. Wonderful a hub airport so easy to get in and out of for many of us and a drive location
    for many of us in the midwest. Great Choce!!

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