What would we do without you?

Who's helping you up?

Who’s helping you up?
© Matthew Collingwood

I got to thinking about all the people who have helped me along the way. It was overwhelming because there are so many who have shared so freely to help me achieve my dream of becoming a published writer. It starts with those who believed in me, who encouraged me to challenge myself. Believe it or not it was my Eighth grade students who said, ‘Mrs. Ridgley, you should write a book.” And a wonderful husband who has been there for me when I faltered.

And then there were the other writers who cheered me on, taught me the skills I needed and didn’t know it, edited until it hurt and made it feel better, read my work, encouraged AND critiqued. They came in various ways, through friendships, through groups such as the Historical Novel Society. But they came and gave me their help freely and with smiles. In other words, they volunteered their time and energy to help me live my dream.

I too help where I can because I know the value of being there. I love helping others achieve their dreams. But I can’t reach everyone. This is why the Historical Novel Society Conference is here. It is their goal to help others ‘live the dream’ of writing that great historical that has been burning to be written.

As you know, we are all in this game of dreams coming true and we need each other. I hope you will come to the conference with your dream, willing to make it happen and to help others by volunteering to make this conference a success.   We need you and we want to help you succeed in your dreams.

On June 26-28, 2015 the 6th North American HNS Conference is being held in Denver Colorado so we all can come, share ideas, help each other ‘make it happen.’ But to make this conference even more successful, we need your help, your time and energy.  

If you would like to help out…contact me at jfridgley@jfridgley.com or simply sign up at http://hns-conference.org/why-volunteer Together we can make more dreams come true.

See you there.

J F Ridgley


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