Vacation in and around Portland! 1

Interested in spending some extra time in Oregon before or after the conference? We promise you won’t be disappointed. June offers mostly sunny days and pleasantly warm, dry weather (but we don’t like to tell too many people about that).

Explore Portland

Lose yourself for a day in Powell’s, the world’s largest new and used bookstore. Take a walking tour or guided tour of the city’s fountains, craft beer industry, or coffee roasters and artisans. Hike Portland’s vibrant green parks and trails. Or just hang out and enjoy no-sales-tax shopping, museums and historic sites, and the city’s restaurants—renowned for fresh, local ingredients and innovative cuisine.

Head east…

Rent a car and drive the scenic Columbia River Gorge. Experience the beauty of the mighty Columbia, its forested cliffs and stunning waterfalls—bounteous home to Oregon’s Native Americans. And marvel at the wonders Lewis and Clark discovered along this passageway.

Go west…

The Oregon Coast offers unbroken miles of public-access beaches, including rugged, rocky cliffs and sandy shores. Take in the Coast’s charming string of towns with oh-so-varied personalities—historic Astoria, art-loving Cannon Beach, and literary-minded Newport. Make your hotel reservations early to take advantage of these quaint towns.

Stay close to Portland and take in the wine country…

Oregon’s Willamette Valley is home to world-class pinot noirs and chardonnays. In 1980 an Oregon pinot noir pulled off a dramatic upset of a French-sponsored blind-tasting contest and put Oregon on the world wine map for good. A tour of Oregon’s wine country offers stunning views of the countryside, a relaxed tasting atmosphere, and stories aplenty from friendly tasting-room workers.

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