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2015 info will be posted when it becomes available, likely in winter 2014-15.


We’ve always had a good time with our Saturday evening Costume Pageant, and we’re introducing a few changes this year in an effort to make it tie in better with historical fiction and to make the pageant even more lively and entertaining.  medieval ladyOur emcee and planner for this year’s show is noted HF author,king arthur actor and theatre director Gillian Bagwell.

There will be winners in two categories – most accurate historical costume and best evocation of an historical person or fictional character. You don’t have to choose in which category you’d like to be considered. Also – we are seeking a judge or judges who are very knowledgeable about period costume! Keep scrolling down for more information about how the pageant will work.

And please get in touch with Gillian Bagwell if you’d like to be part of the pageant, or if you’d like to be a judge.

Gillian BagwellHere’s what Gillian has to say about the Costume Pageant:

The organizers of the conference asked me to MC the event, and I’d like to try something that I hope will make the proceedings a little more lively—having the pageant take the form of celebrity red-carpet arrivals for the 1613 Academy Awards (or similar, if I get a better inspiration!). My intention is to be in costume and, in the persona of Joan, Lady Rivers (or something equally silly!) interview each arrival briefly. Entries will be judged in two categories: most authentic historical costume and best evocation of a historical person or fictional character. You don’t have to select one category but can be considered in both.

So here’s what I need from you—the questions you’d like me to ask that will provide the necessary information for the short interview. This is your chance to get as creative and entertaining as you want, besides telling us about your costume. Feel free to create different questions or to suggest other ways we can have fun interacting. You might want to team up with another contestant so I can interview you as a couple.

Who are you?

What dates did you live or the years in which your fictional life take place?

Where did you live or where did the events of your fictional life take place?

What are you wearing? This is where you can tell us whatever you want us to know about your outfit,  what makes it special, if it has a specific purpose (dress uniform, afternoon walking dress, riding habit), etc.

You can also give us some character background, e.g., “I chose this dress because it makes me look my best—I have to be laced to 16 inches to fit it! I’m wearing to the ball at Twelve Oaks, where I’m going to throw myself at Ashley Wilkes and I think we might get some news about Fort Sumpter,” or “I made this outfit out of my mother’s green velvet drapes (don’t tell!) because I have to look fabulous since I’m going to visit Rhett Butler in jail and offer myself as his mistress because I’m desperate for money.”

If the primary focus of your costume is its historical accuracy (this might be true of military reenactors, who haven’t gotten their due at past conferences, I think), here’s your chance to point out its features.

Here are some other questions you might think about:

What are you best known for?

What are some highlights from your life or story?

How would your friends describe you?

How would your enemies describe you?

How do you feel about tonight and your chances of winning?  This, too, is another opportunity to play and present character.  “I’ll just die if that bitch Eleanor of Acquitaine wins, but I’m a little worried about the competition from Marie Antoinette.”

Please get me your answers in advance of the conference. It would be great to meet up for a few minutes one on one ahead of time during the conference to chat and/or rehearse a bit. I have one judge but would be open to having another one or two so we have a panel.

Thanks! Gillian

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