Your 2015 Historical Novel Society Conference Board:

Ann Chamberlin

Ann is the author of twenty historical books. Her trilogy set in the 16th-century Ottoman Empire was on the bestsellers list in Turkey for six months. Her nonfiction title A HISTORY OF WOMEN’S SECLUSION IN THE MIDDLE EAST is used in college courses.  Her current project, a trilogy set in the early days of Islam, will conclude March 2014 with the release of THE SWORD AND THE WELL.  She is the author of many plays, including JIHAD which won the best new play of the year from The Off-Off Broadway Review.

Ann Chamberlin cropped
Maryka Biaggio

Maryka Biaggio, Ph.D., a professor of psychology for 30 years, undertook writing fiction as a serious pursuit around 2000. She improved her craft by completing three novels before writing PARLOR GAMES, which was published by Doubleday in 2013. Now she splits her time between writing and working as a higher education consultant. Excerpts of her novels have garnered Willamette Writers and Belle Lettres awards. She specializes in writing historical fiction about real people.

Maryka Biaggio
Marketing & Webmaster
Theresa Guzman Stokes

Theresa is president of 1696 Heritage Group, a heritage and history consultancy. Her professional background includes magazine editor and published writer with a focus on ethnic American history. Ms. Stokes current project is a manuscript set in Civil War era Richmond, Virginia, part of a family saga trilogy. When she isn’t writing, Theresa designs jewelry inspired by her historical and ethnic research for her line, Soni by Design.

Program Director
Meenoo Mishra

Meenoo currently edits the South Asian Arts and Literature Journal, Jaggery. She is the former editor of the Historical Novel Society newsletter. Meenoo is also a public health professional and communicator – expertise that has led to a particular interest in historical medical fiction. As busy as she is, she also manages to find time to design Indian and global inspired jewelry for her own line, Minou Bazaar.

Secretary & Editor/Agent Coordinator
Susie Pruett

Susie retired from the legal profession to spend full time writing. She writes historical fiction with two historical manuscripts in the works at present. One set in set in New York and Britain during the early 20th century and one set in Victorian England.

Venue Director & Bookseller Liaison
Daniel Willis

Daniel is owner of Bygone Era Books, Ltd. a publishing company dedicated to bringing quality books to print in the categories of history, biography, and genealogy, Daniel A. Willis is a writer of all things historical, including genealogy, historical fiction and alternate history. Willis is the author of IMMORTAL BETRAYAL and IMMORTAL DUPLICITY, the first two novels of an historical fiction trilogy.

Non-Board Coordinator Positions


Registration Coordinator:    Jane Steen

Volunteer Coordinator:    Judy Ridgley

Sponsorship Coordinator:    Bretta Beveridge

Blue Pencil Café Coordinator:   Stephanie Landsem

Tote Bags Coordinator:    Anna Castle