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MM Bennetts

A Call for Historical Novels and Readers for the First Annual M.M. Bennetts Award   Recently updated !

The English Historical Fiction Authors Facebook group was buried for days with expressions of shock and grief when the death of member M.M. Bennetts was announced. Perhaps you had never heard of her? That would be sad. M.M. Bennetts, after twenty years as a book critic for The Christian Science Monitor, had two fabulous literary […]

WHY I’M A LARRY BROOKS FAN 2   Recently updated !

I’m so excited that Larry Brooks is presenting at the 2015 HNS Conference. I’m on the HNS 2015 Conference Board and I suggested inviting Larry to be a presenter at our conference. He’s a busy man giving workshops and talks all over the place. He even went to China recently. He’s also a writer of […]